Credit: Youtube

When baby Gavin learned how to whistle, it was pretty funny to watch. His mom, in particular, thought it was hilarious. That’s her giggling wildly in this video.

As Gavin makes hilarious faces by trying time and again to “put his lips together and blow,” it’s adorable and inspiring to see how the little guy’s attempts to learn a new skill seem to enchant, rather than frustrate, the toddler.

Whistling, much like shoe-tying, potty training, and all the other hallmarks of little kid development, is a tough skill to master. The great thing is though, it’s one of those things that once you get down, you don’t really ever forget how to do it.

It’s kind of like riding a bike that way. Don’t worry Gavin, you’ll get to that in a few years, and we hope you display the same amazing attitude with all the new skills you try to learn.

Credit: Youtube Photo: Baby Learns to Whistle and it's Too Cute (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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