We know, drivers in Los Angeles are a special breed, but this Hollywood star might take the cake... even if she won’t eat it.

TMZ shared this video, in which Gwyneth Paltrow apparently cuts off a school bus on a Vespa, all the while transporting what we presume to be one of her children on the back. While it’s not 100% authenticated, it sure does look like the actress, lifestyle guru, and mother to Apple and Moses to us.

Might we add that Daily Mail is reporting this incident as though the bus was at fault, saying Gwyneth and her daughter were almost hit by the bus. We suppose the latter is true, as the 40-year-old mother came awfully close to the front end of the school bus, but we can’ help but notice how she peeled straight out into the road, seemingly without looking both ways!

Did she just assume that her Hollywood celebrity status allowed her to go first? It’s pretty appalling that a mom would drive this badly with a child in tow. Not to get all judgy, but we have to question why she’s riding a Vespa in the first place, is an old-fashioned car and driver — or even a minivan — not trendy enough for this stylesetter? 

Head on over to TMZ to watch the video, then let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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