Bless the Internet for giving us such wonderful gifts. From the man with the nose growing on his forehead to the heavily pregnant Crossfit lady, there are so many things that become viral instantly, and we just can’t look away from them, even if we try.

The latest wonder of nature to delight our eyes is this caterpillar that looks like a Hello Kitty face. The website Featured Creature informs us that the caterpillar is actually a Bush Brown Butterfly, and it hails from China, but is popular throughout Asia. No matter where it’s from, it made our day with it’s wondrous, hairy-looking, Hello Kitty-esque face.

Although we have to wonder if this creepy crawly was the inspiration for the Asian cartoon sensation, or is it just coincidence?

Although it’s been branded as the beloved Japanese figure, some think the caterpillar resembles more of a dog’s face. A Boston Terrier, perhaps? We’ll let you be the judge.

Source: The Featured Creature

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