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If you have any little baseball fans at your house, you’ve probably gone to the ballpark, glove in hand “just in case” waiting for an errant foul ball to come your way. Maybe you’ve even been lucky enough to catch a flyer and seen the excitement on your child’s face when that magical moment finally happens.

If that’s ever been your experience, this appalling video will make you want to find the perpetrator of this act, and punch her in the face. Although it’s a little confusing to see who had this discarded ball at the Minute Maid ballpark in the first place, the young girl is clearly holding onto it tightly when the older woman rudley snatches it out of her hands. She then triumphantly returns to her seat and high-fives her friends. Meanwhile, the despondent girl bursts into tears and heads back to her seat.

Stealing a baseball from a little kid at the stadium is pretty horrible, but the jerk who high-fives this woman for it is even worse, in our opinion. People, right?

Credit: Youtube Photo: Mean Lady Snatches Baseball From Little Girl (VIDEO)

Source: Youtube

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