Credit: Youtube Photo: Claire Wishes Mom Happy Birthday

We get to see a lot of viral videos here at Wetpaint Moms, everything from delirious anesthesia rants to parents busting out a surprise trip to Disneyland, but we have to admit that for us, they never get old.

The newest, most adorable creation features 2-year-old Claire wishing her mom a happy birthday. Posted on Youtube by Claire’s dad, the video is titled, “Claire’s Birthday Message for Mommy.” Claire is so precious in her blond pigtails as she counts down the top 5 reasons she loves her mom, her adorable voice chirps things like, “You are the greatest mommy!” “I love you so much, you are amazing!” Claire ends with the traditional birthday song, and it’s the cutest thing ever.

Have your kids ever made a cute video for you?

Source: Youtube

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