Credit: Youtube Photo: Twins Twakwondo

If you have twins, or even just more than one child, you know that when they fight with each other, it’s rarely cute.

That’s why the sight of these twin girls sparring and showing off their Taekwondo skills delighted us so much. The girls are all dressed up in their protective sparring attire — including padded helmets and tights. When they decide to launch into their fighting, it’s all just a blur of limbs as the punishing kicks land.

Just kidding! The two playfully swat at each other like a couple of kittens playing with a ball of string, and that’s why it’s just too precious. We love that these little ladies’ hearts don’t really  seem to be into fighting with their own twin, but also we know that in a few years, they’ll probably be kicking each other’s butts for real, and it won’t be quite so adorable. Enjoy it while you can, folks!

Source: YouTube

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