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Updated Story (September 28, 2014): Robbie Williams sure sang his way through his wife, Ayda Field’s labor pains! The 40-year-old former Take That band member recently welcomed his second child, and chronicled the entire experience by way of Twitter and YouTube.

After hours of Robbie “helping” his wife via song-singing and laughs, the couple finally welcomed their baby boy — who doesn’t have a name yet! — weighing at 8 lbs. 2 oz. on October 27. “‘No Moms Were Harmed’ Thank you for sharing the journey with us, we have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy,” Robbie tweeted.

Congratulations to the happy family!

Original Story (April 29, 2014): Good news is in store for Robbie Williams and his wife, Ayda Field, The couple and their daughter, Theodora Rose Williams, are officially going to be a family of four! The 40-year-old singer — formerly from the boyband Take That — recently announced he and his wife of almost four years are expecting their second child together.

“Ayda and I are delighted to announce that Theodora Rose Williams is going to be a big sister,” Robbie announced on Twitter. How exciting for the family!

The couple tied the knot back in August 2010 and soon welcomed their first child, who turns 2 this September. Since the birth of Theodora Robbie has been pretty vocal about parenthood, and by vocal we mean lending his singing and songwriting skills to creating a personalized lullaby for his little girl!

"Teddy got her first song. It's called 'Go Gentle,’” Robbie shared on his blog back in 2013. “But it might be called something else by the time it comes out. I sang it to her as we walked around the estate. She was in a papoose so she was a captive audience. I think she liked it, then she threw up. Tough room." Aww!

We’re sure that by now, Theodora is old enough she doesn’t spit up during Daddy’s songs. But despite the little mishap, it looks like Robbie has a lot of good practice when it comes to singing to newborns. Hopefully this time around, Baby No. 2 will make it through an entire song before doing what babies do best.

Congratulations to the happy family!

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