A small community in San Clemente, California, became frightened recently when porcelain dolls were mysteriously left on the doorsteps of several families.

According to MSN News, the toys were left anonymously at approximately half a dozen homes. The dolls — some wearing slippers and others attired in fancy dresses — all bore a striking resemblance to the daughters who lived in those houses.

Disturbed, some concerned residents contacted the Orange County Sheriff's Office to investigate the matter. It was soon discovered that all of the families went to the same local church. Officers were then able to track down the alleged culprit, an older woman who is in fact, a member of the same congregation.

Authorities say the woman, who has not been identified, is “really embarrassed” by the incident. According to Orange County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Jeff Hallock, the older woman has two grown daughters and “felt like some of the girls would enjoy the dolls." 

The woman also told officers that she tried to match the eye and hair color to the recipients, and was horrified to find out on social media that some of the families found her act of goodwill downright creepy.

The investigation has been closed, and no charges have been filed.

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Source: MSN News