As we wait with bated breath for Beyoncé’s appearance at the 2014 VMAs, she took some time out to remind us that she’s always been #flawless. Example: this photo from her 21st birthday.

Sharing the snap on August 22, the Queen credits the photo as the one that graced the invite for her exclusive birthday bash in Atlanta. The theme was an '80s skate party that we like to think was a dress rehearsal for her “Blow” music video. “Good times!” Bey writes, stating the obvious because come on, it was Beyoncé’s birthday!

Credit: Beyoncé on Instagram

In the flashback pic, 20-something Bey looks pretty much identical to her modern day self. Her hair’s curly, her skin’s perfect, and her body amazing. Rocking hoops and old school skates, the birthday girl is wearing a skin-baring white top and matching shorts. How’s she still look nearly the same nearly 12 years and one baby later?!

The flashback, posted just a couple weeks shy of Bey’s September 4 birthday, has us wondering if she’s got her next party on the brain. And, of course, that gets us thinking about what role husband Jay Z will have in the festivities.

The couple have been on divorce watch for weeks now, though our fears of them splitting up were substantially reduced after Beyoncé’s fierce mama called BS on the rumors. That said, we wouldn’t put it past Jay Z to give his lady some crazy, over-the-top birthday gift. Maybe gold-plated skates? Oh, oh! With matching ones for Blue!

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