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The time-saving, kid-distracting, life-friendly cell phone apps and sites that have popped up recently are awesome, but there are so many, we thought we’d save you some time and highlight a few of our faves.

This simple, gesture-focused to-do list app is perfect for those who keep to-do lists with everyday tasks like “bathe cat,” “laundry,” or “Pilates.” The app is buttonless, meaning you’ll be swiping, pinching, pulling, and pressing to make the app function (a true timesaver according to techies), and it’s color-coded so your most urgent to-do items will be in an easy-to-see red hue. (Purchase at iTunes for $1.99.)

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Branding itself as everyone’s private driver, Uber is an app that let’s you set a pickup location on a map at any time of day or night, and the company will dispatch its nearest driver to pick you up. (In a test, one driver took a speedy 45 seconds to arrive.) You’ll get a text with the car’s estimated arrival time, and when the car shows up, you’ll get another text to alert you. The best part: You’re hopping into a pre-paid black town car that’s prepped with bottles of water, mints, and magazines. And the fare, which includes tip, is automatically charged to your credit card on file. It’s usually more expensive than a taxi, so view it as your transportation splurge. (Get more info at

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Bad Piggies
Move over, Angry Birds — The Other White Meat is taking over! Rovio Entertainment, the company behind the world’s most popular catapulting bird game, has moved on to pigs with its latest addictive entertainment. Bad Piggies will surely occupy your tot with its cart-building, piggy-moving focus. The objective: Build a vehicle to move a green pig to the finish line using items such as fans, springs, wheels, and dynamite. The player then has to determine how to keep his or her cart from toppling over. Doesn’t sound that exciting, but trust us, it is. (Find out more at

Credit: iTunes Photo: The RunKeeper App

We love this app because it keeps track of tons of activities using the GPS in an iPhone — bike rides, hikes, runs, walks — and allows us to set fitness goals. The latest version been updated for the iPhone 5 and has an updated heart monitor. (The free app is available at iTunes.)

Before you buy anything on Amazon, we suggest checking out this free Amazon price tracker, which provides price drop alerts and price history charts for products sold by the online retailer. It’s not an app (yet), but rather a website where you simply enter the url of the item at Amazon you want to purchase. Then, you’ll get a chart back that shows the dates of that item’s highest and lowest price. From there, you can set your target purchase price and CamelCamelCamel will notify you when the price target it met. (Check out CamelCamelCamel here.)

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