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If you’re anything like us, your mornings boil down to a mad dash from bed to shower to closet to kitchen and out the door with streaky foundation and a missing blouse button. But it doesn’t have to be that way! And no, we’re not talking about getting up 30 minutes earlier — that would be crazy.  Instead of testing the clock as usual, try a few of Refinery 29’s time-saving tricks to make your a.m. hours more manageable. You may even be able to hit that snooze button one more time!

Shower-Time Savings: Instead of just the usual hair and body scrub, commit to brushing your teeth and washing your face all in the most crucial time slot of the morning: during your shower. All four steps need water anyway, so instead of pacing while you brush and risking a face wash soap spot on your skirt, tackle them at the same time.

Steam Machine: Planning your outfit the night before (hint!) is only half the battle. After all, those wrinkles in your blouse probably won’t pass as slouchy chic like you planned. But who has time for ironing? Instead, try hanging that blouse in the bathroom as you shower for a quick steam — and watch most of the light creases come right out.

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Wet and Wild: Although experimenting with new hairstyles on a time crunch isn’t the best idea, we suggest having a few wet hair go-to updos in your a.m. arsenal to shave off some blow drying time. Styling your damp tresses can save as many as 20 minutes from your morning rush — and you’ll still look polished.

Simple Chic: When you’re really in a crunch for the perfect outfit, never underestimate the power of a dress. Complete the look of a printed number with some leggings and a blazer, or accessorize a monochromatic dress with a bib necklace and cuff in a bright color. No one will guess you hadn’t planned to look that perfect!

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Refine Your Routine: Sure, we’d all love to have time to apply expertly tapered eyeliner and perfect our arches with brow pencil.  But sometimes a pared down look with just the essentials will go a long way. Edit your morning makeup bag down to the must-haves — tinted moisturizer, neutral blush, mascara, and lipstick — and you’ll look fresh-faced in no time flat.


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