If you ever thought competing in triathlons sounded too difficult, imagine doing it while carrying another person.

That’s exactly what 9-year-old Conner Long does for his 7-year-old brother, Cayden Long, who has cerebral palsy. Because Cayden can’t walk or talk without help, big brother Conner decided that participating in triathlons together would be the best way to involve his little brother in sports.

So that’s what they do — Conner pulls Cayden in a raft during the swimming portion of the race, then bikes with a trailer holding Cayden inside, and finishes by pushing the bike trailer while he runs to the finish line.

After the Huffington Post first wrote about the boys last year, Sports Illustrated Kids followed up with an interview of the family, highlighting Conner’s story of heroism and perseverance. “If people would race with people who can’t walk or talk, or who have any kind of autism, it might open the eyes of (those) who don’t really care about it,” Conner says.

This year, Sports Illustrated Kids magazine named the Long brothers the 2012 SportsKids of the Year — proving that they’re an inspiration to kids everywhere!

Credit: YouTube Photo: Long Brothers Win Sports Illustrated Kids Award (VIDEO)

Source: Huffington Post, Sports Illustrated Kids

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