Ah, Halloween. A time for dressing up, having spooky fun, and challenging gender stereotypes — wait, what? ABC’s hidden camera show What Would You Do? posed a thought-provoking dilemma by putting two actors posing as a mother and son in a Halloween store, where the son rejected his mother’s suggestion of a Spiderman costume. Instead he loudly insisted on wearing a yellow dress so he could be Princess Belle.

When unsuspecting shoppers in the store saw the exchange many mothers became involved in the situation, but not at the son’s defense — they all sided with Mom! Fearing bullying or that dress wearing would become more than “a phase,” the moms tried to encourage the boy to be anything other than a princess.

It seems their hearts were in the right place, but should they just let the boy be what he wants for Halloween? Watch the video and weigh in below!

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Credit: Youtube Photo: ABC's What Would You Do? "You Can't Be a Princess"