Credit: ABC

After Audrina Cardenas was born with one third of her beating heart outside her body, a team of surgeons in Houston acted fast to reconstruct her chest to save her life, reports ABC13.

Her tiny heart, which protruded out from her abdomen, was “a stunning sight to see” (and it’s graphically depicted in the video below), but the team of doctors were able to make room in Audrina’s chest to put the heart back inside. Her doctors expect her to need more surgery as she grows, but for now she is stable with a good prognosis! 

Her mother, Ashley, was made aware of the rare condition during her pregnancy, but decided to carry Audrina to term. She says, "I had to come with believing in him, believing in faith that there is a reason she is here."

Watch the somewhat graphic video below for the full report.

Source: ABC13

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Credit: ABCLocal Photo: Houston surgeons save life of baby born with heart outside her body