Credit: Etsy Photo: Jewelry Made From Breast Milk

We don’t know about you, but we think a nice remembrance of babyhood is something like a strand of hair in a locket, a framed footprint, or even a tiny shoe.

That was, of course, before we were aware that there was such a thing as jewelry made out of your own plasticized breast milk.

It seems that trinkets made of breast milk is a growing new trend on Etsy, where there are pendants in every shape preserved in resin. These can be decorated with the baby’s name or a message. Rest assured, there’s something for every... er... taste.

One such vendor, Allicia Mogavero of Mommy Milk Creations, sells her jewelry for $64–$125 each, and she says this of her preservation process:

“When you purchase Breast Milk Pendants from me you can be positive that they will not discolor, turn yellow or spotty... Your milk goes through three separate steps before I can even begin to create with it, none of which change the properties of your milk. The second step is the most important step in guaranteeing no discoloration. After the first three steps there are five more steps that are taken before your pendant starts to cure.”


What do you think, moms: Is breast milk jewelry kinda out there, or kind of cool?


Source: Mommy Milk Creations


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