Sacramento couple Jason and Brittany Deen welcomed three beautiful boys, who clocked in at a staggering 20 pounds total — so staggering, it beat out the former World Record for Heaviest Triplets by over a pound, reports local ABC10. Each Deen baby came in well over the 4-pound average for triplets: Jenson weighed 5.5 pounds, Elliott clocked in at 7.3 pounds, and Sidney was a whopping 7.8 pounds!

The triplets, who were conceived naturally and without the use of fertility treatments, came as a surprise to the first time parents, who always planned on a small family. “One child for sure, two maybe,” says Jason.

Once they learned they had three babies on the way, Brittany immediately joined a Moms of Multiples program. There she learned how to nourish the brood in her belly, a task which included eating up to a dozen eggs a day! Her extra nutrition worked because she carried her three boys to full term — a very rare feat with multiples.  

Watch the video to meet them for yourself!

Source: ABC10

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Credit: ABC Photo: World's Heaviest Triplets