Credit: Katie

We love Celine Dion because she’s just a little bit kooky — but aren’t we all, really? The woman has been caught on camera clucking like a chicken and barking like a dog, she has air-humped in a red carpet dress, and most of all, she’s not afraid to be herself wherever she goes.

On Katie Couric’s show Katie, Celine recently shared a photo of her 2-year-old son Nelson in mommy’s heels (she has over 3,000 pairs!), and he totally rocks ‘em! The adorable shaggy headed boy gives his best Blue Steel in a red plaid jacket and olive pants.

“He looks better in heels than me,” the 45-year-old French Canadian pop star says. “I’m not the only one in the family who loves shoes, believe me.”

We definitely see a ton of his mother in this little man, and we’re not just talking about his gorgeous doe eyes. He’s so adorable!

Source: Gawker

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Credit: Katie Photo: Celine Dion's Toddler Son Loves To Model Her High Heels!