Imagine these parents’ relief!

Eight-month-old twins Amelia and Allison Tucker were born sharing their chest wall, pericardium, diaphragm, and liver. Upon learning that their babies were conjoined, the Tuckers began planning the operation to separate the girls over a year ago, which went off without a hitch, reports Philadelphia’s 6ABC.

A team of nearly 40 surgeons worked for seven hours to successfully separate Amelia and Allison. The lead surgeon, Holly Hendrick, says that after a period of recovery and rehabilitation the twins “will be able to live full, healthy, and independent lives." Such great news for this NY family, who added Amelia and Allison to their brood, which also includes big brother Owen.

Watch a full report on the Tucker twins below.

Source: 6ABC

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Credit: Photo: Conjoined Twins Separated