Credit: YouTube

Michael Krauter recently made his in-laws the happiest people on the planet — at least according to this video — by revealing the couple’s happy pregnancy news.

While Krauter’s father-in-law opens a present, he reads a card aloud that’s addressed to “grandfather.” As the news sinks in, Krauter’s mother-in-law registers what just happened, she leaps up, proceeds to scream bloody murder, and runs around their kitchen.  

The grandfather-to-be keeps it classy by congratulating Michael, while mom-in-law continues to completely lose it, crying hysterically and shouting, “I’m so excited, I’m just so excited.” She then recovers quickly enough to ask her daughter, “Why are you drinking wine?” (She wasn’t, her glass remained full without mom noticing. Pretty sneaky!)

In the end, everyone is laughing, crying, and hugging, as it should be. We wish this happy couple and these future grandparents heartfelt congratulations.


Credit: You Tube Photo: Couple Almost Gives In-Laws Heart Attack With Big Pregnancy Reveal (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube


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