Sure, you could take the easy way out when decorating your kid’s bedroom. Boy? Splash on some varying shades of blue. Girl? Princess-y pink, natch. But we think it’s high time that the standard blues and pinks take a hiatus in favor of some more creative color ideas.

We sat down with interior designer, color expert, and owner of Seattle-based Sarva Design, Nitya Jain — did we mention she’s also the mother of a 2-year-old boy? — to chat all things color and décor. “It can be quite overwhelming to put together a kids’ room,” Jain says. “Color is the easiest way to give any space a facelift, but with all the options available you don’t need to be confined to blues and pinks alone.”

Some of her favorite shades for either a girl or boy: Sherwin-Williams’ Rare GraySensible HueLively YellowGrecian Ivory, and Roman Column. If you’re feeling too hesitant to paint the entire room, Jain suggests using these colors as accents and applying them either as stripes, just on one wall, or using them to brighten up the trim or door.

As for the rest of the room, Jain notes that current décor trends are leaning toward neutral furniture paired with vivid accents in tangerine, yellow, and aqua. “Some other really easy ways to brighten up a space is to opt for colorful storage baskets, vibrant wall decals, pendant lighting, a great throw and, of course, lots of love.”

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