Is pregnant Kate Middleton having a girl? The palace has yet to officially reveal the sex of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby (and who knows, they may not until the baby is born), but this little 30-second video has everyone wondering if Kate accidentally spilled the beans. The Duchess is seen here greeting onlookers on March 5 on a visit to Grimsby, England (wearing a fetching brown coat covering her baby bump, we might add).  

One woman can be heard telling Kate, “I’m waiting for you to be Queen,” to which the darling Duchess responds, “You’ll be waiting an awfully long time!” Another onlooker gives Kate a teddy bear, and she can barely be heard saying she will take the stuffed animal for her “d—.” Whoa, did she just say she’s having a daughter? Some are jumping to that conclusion, while others think she may have been saying she was taking the toy for  her dog, or something else altogether, before stopping herself from finishing her sentence.

Either way, Kate caught the slip-up. One crowdgoer asked, “Did you say my daughter?” To which she responded, “No, no, no... We don’t know, so...”

Credit: ABC News Photo: Listen to Kate Middleton Possibly Revealing the Sex of Baby

So you tell us: Do you think Kate’s having a girl, or do you think they really don’t know? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: ABC News

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