Credit: Blog - Honestly WTF Photo: DIY Easy Crepe Paper Flowers

Nothing says spring has sprung quite like a gorgeous bouquet of colorful blooms. Sadly, fresh-cut stems straight from the florist or the farmer’s market can cost a fortune, and don’t last for more than a few days.

Solve the problem by trying your hand at creating these amazing crepe paper bouquets from Honestly WTF (love the blog name!). 

You can make them as colorful as you like, and they’ll never wilt or die on you. The directions are super simple — so easy in fact, that you can probably get the whole family in on the act of crafting them.

They’re perfect party decor for fetes such as baby showers, weddings, and birthday parties — or use one to decorate a gift or throw together a bunch for a whimsical table centerpiece!


Source: Honestly WTF


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