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Dove wants women to know one thing: You’re much more beautiful than you give yourself credit for.

Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful, says Dove. 4%! In an effort to boost women’s self esteem, the company launched the Real Beauty campaign in 2004, which showcases “real” women instead of models.

In their latest effort, the Real Beauty Sketches campaign, Dove asked women to sit down and describe themselves for an FBI sketch artist and then describe each other for the same artist.

The first and second drawings of each woman didn’t match. Why? Because every stranger had described her subject in a much prettier way than she had described herself. Listening to the women analyze themselves was difficult — especially because they’re all lovely but their honest perception of their own beauty doesn’t do them justice.

The powerful campaign is making the rounds on Facebook and the comments are streaming in. One husband, Matthew Blankis, posted, “I always tell my wife that I wish she could see her thru my eyes instead of her own so she can see just how beautiful she really is.”

We wish that for every woman, Matthew!


Credit: YouTube Photo: Dove Real Beauty Sketches Teach Us "You Are More Beautiful Than You Think"

Source: Real Beauty Sketches


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