When 2-year-old Peyton Myrick disappeared while scouting out Christmas trees with his grandfather in Clover, South Carolina, his mother, Carmen, feared the worst.

Little Peyton had wandered off into the thick woods surrounding his grandparents home when his grandfather paused a moment to put air in his tractor tire. Also missing? Their dog, an Australian Shepherd named Ashepoo, or Ash. For four hours Peyton’s parents, police, and nearly 400 volunteers scoured the 300-acre woods searching for him.

As darkness set in, several of the searchers reported spotting Ashepoo, who had stayed with the child during the ordeal, only to come out to lead searchers to Peyton. The boy’s father, Rich, tells Wsoctv.com, “Ash was his guardian angel in fur last night.”

This isn’t the only time a canine companion has come to the rescue. Just a few weeks ago another little boy, Dante Berry, 2, wandered out of his front yard in Mildura, Australia. It took a 100-person search party 14 hours to find dante in the wilderness, safe and sound with his German Shepherd, Dasher. Thank God for man’s best friend!

Source: Wsoctv.com

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Credit: CBS Photo: Dog Watched Over Missing 2-Year-Old Boy