In Cumberland County, Kentucky, a 5-year-old boy accidentally discharged a .22-caliber “rifle for a kid” called a Crickett at his 2-year-old sister, killing her. The boy received the rifle as a gift.

NBC News reports that the mother of the children was home at the time, and according to the coroner, she was unaware that the rifle contained a shell. Maybe it’s just us, but when there are little children in the house and the rifle just sits in the corner as this one did, we feel that a parent should absolutely know whether the gun was loaded or not. Or maybe it shouldn’t just sit in the corner.

Cumberland County Coroner Gary White said it was “just one of those crazy accidents,” which is a massive understatement in a tragic situation that could have been avoided. We cannot imagine what the family is going through at this time, but our thoughts go out to them as they mourn their daughter and sister.

Source: NBC News

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