Is frozen pizza for dinner tonight? You’ll want to take a close look at the box before you serve it up. Certain kinds of Annie’s rising crust frozen pizzas are being voluntarily recalled due to the possibility of metal fragments.

The recall was put into effect after the company discovered that a mesh metal screen at one of its third-party flour mills had failed, leaving traces of metal in both the flour and resulting pizza dough that were left undetected because they were too small.

Pizzas included in the recall were sold nationwide, and have “best by” dates between January 9 and September 14. The recall includes these pizzas sold under the Annie’s brand:

Organic Four Cheese Pizza in the 23.5 oz. size and UPC of 013562 200016
Organic Pepperoni Pizza in the 23.6 oz. size and UPC of 013562 200009
Organic Supreme Pizza in the 25.4 oz. size and UPC of 013562 200023
Organic Spinach and Mushroom Pizza in 25.0 oz. size and UPC of 013562 200054
Four Cheese Pizza in 22.5 oz. size and UPC of 013562 200078
Pepperoni Pizza in 22.6 oz. size and UPC of 013562 200061
BBQ Recipe Chicken Pizza in 23.1 oz. size and UPC of 013562 200092
While the finished pizzas have so far been tested as metal-free and there have been no consumer reports of illness or injuries, the company decided to play it safe by issuing the recall. If you’d like more information, visit or call the Annie's Homegrown Pizza Recall Hotline at 1-888-825-6720.



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