Are you ready to have your mind blown with a recipe that is so simple, yet so obvious, you’ll be thinking “Why didn’t I think of that?” through mouthfuls of creamy, frozen blueberry deliciousness?

The brilliant Jillee over at One Good Thing exclaimed “Eureka!” when she had the lightening bolt of genius that is this amazingly simple recipe. Rather than rolling and freezing blueberries individually as a treat — why not skewer 8-10 blueberries at a time and roll them all at once in yogurt? Freeze till hardened, then enjoy on a stick!

Jillee prefers to use honey Greek-style yogurt and just about the most gorgeous blueberries we’ve ever seen. Read Jillee’s full recipe here, and join us in going home and making this frozen treat that’s as healthy as it is delicious!

Source: One Good Thing

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