A woman called into a Chicago radio show to say that she and her husband tried giving her a bikini wax together. We can think of a million things we’d rather do with our husband, but no judgment!

Sadly, the excursion down south — if you know what we mean — ended with a call to 911 after her husband basically waxed her vagina shut. Hilarious for the radio listener? Sure! Terrifying for the victim who didn’t know if she’d ever pee normally again? We can’t even imagine! But apparently, the couple isn’t the only one who thinks that DIY pube grooming is a good idea, but let us be the first to say — it’s not!

According to a new analysis by scientists at the University of California, San Francisco (via Today.com), the number of pubic hair grooming-related ER visits increased five times over between 2002 and 2010 — we’re talking both women and men. The study proved that shaving razors were the culprit in 83 percent of pube-related injuries, with scissors coming in at 22 percent, and wax at 1.4 percent. To be honest, we’re surprised that DIY waxing wasn’t more of a problem.

When it comes to “down there,” we’re all for throwing some money at the problem area and calling in the professionals!

Source: Today.com, Facebook


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