“Mama” June Shannon says that when it comes to discipline, she doesn’t mind that her daughter, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, rules the roost. She also says that having good manners is just not important to her.

“All my kids have their own personality, I have to allow them to be who they are,” she said in interview on Good Morning America this week.

We suppose the manners probably aren’t that important considering the whole family is really very kind. June explained, “We’d do anything and give the shirts off our back, and we do a lot for our community and we love each other.”

Although the goofing around never seems to stop in this family, we’re all for it. Not that we’d necessarily want a screaming diva running around our own house, but we definitely love watching Alana do it at June’s.

So how does Mama keep Alana grounded? Mostly, she believes that Alana doesn’t know how famous she actually is. During the interview, June started off by saying, “She understands the money that she gets when she’s older…” but is interrupted by Alana asking her mama to “Put $1,000 in my pocket.”

Despite the pair’s hilarious ways, it’s very apparent that Alana’s self-confidence comes from being very, very loved. “Whatever you do with your kids, make your kids number one. No man, no woman, nothing. Your kids are number one.”

All ketchup noodles and pet pigs aside, we couldn’t agree with Mama June more.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Honey Boo Boo and Mama June Shannon Talk About Manners on Good Morning America

Source: Good Morning America


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