If you live on Ohio Avenue and received a love note on your windshield from a neighbor who happens to be married, he wants you to know, he is NOT in love with you.

After accidentally leaving a love note for his wife on the wrong car, the well-intended man taped a note on a pole in his neighborhood explaining the situation. Reddit user Buggsy2 posted a photo of the man’s apology note that reads:

Ohio Ave Neighbors:
I put a cute love note on what I thought was my wife’s car last night. We figured out today that in my tired state, I had put this note on the wrong car. If this car happened to be yours, I apologize for the confusion. I am not in love with you. (Sorry)

How cute! It’s nice to know that some men know how to keep the romance alive — even if he can’t identify his own car.

Source: Reddit 


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