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 Jessica Simpson is jumping from reality to sitcom television — and we have to admit, we’re kind of psyched! The Fashion Star celeb has signed on to do a new show for NBC that will be loosely based on her crazy life. If it has anything to do with her calling tuna chicken, count us in.

The new series will have Jessica playing a version of herself, with actors filling the roles of her father/manager and fiancé. “It’s basically loosely based on my life. Yes, [about a girl who keeps getting pregnant],” she joked on Tuesday on The Tonight Show when Jay Leno asked her if that would be the plot. “And how that girl deals with that and everything else…I will be playing myself, which is pretty easy.”

Fortunately for the writers on her new show, Jessica seems to feel pretty comfortable sharing even the most intimate details of her life with the public, so they should not be at a loss for storylines. For instance, Jessica went on to tell Leno — and about a gazillion viewers — that she and fiancé Eric Johnson keep trying to set a wedding date, “but he keeps knocking me up.”

She continued on, saying that her latest pregnancy is the result of a “one-night stand” with her fiancé. We’re not totally sure how you have a one-nighter with someone you live with, but that’s the beauty of Jessica. Let the premiere night countdown begin…

Source: The Tonight Show, Hollywood Reporter 


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