Talk about a job with fringe benefits! According to Us Weekly, Prince William and Kate Middleton are already looking for a nanny for their royal baby due early next year.

Rather than going the usual way of royals who typically employ round-the-clock teams of baby handlers, the Duke and Duchess, both 30, reportedly plan on breaking with tradition by raising their very special progeny hands-on style. No army of governesses changing nappies for these two — this gig will be part-time.

After the birth, Kate will reprise her volunteer work for the Scouts and other charity groups. The royal couple will ostensibly need a part-time caregiver while Kate handles her royal duties.

No word yet on the skills and qualifications necessary to care for this precious bundle (or bundles, in the case of twins) of joy, but chances are discretion will be at the top of the list!

Source: Us Weekly

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