See, we knew social media was good for something! This week, filmmaker Jason Ho used Instagram to reunite a stuffed bunny with his young owner, Max.

As Jason walked through his Venice, California, neighborhood on Wednesday, he came across the lost stuffed brown bunny. The little guy was lying on the ground, so Jason took a picture and posted it on Instagram. “I prefer pictures to words and am on Instagram more than any other social media,” Jason wrote on his blog Dream Nineteen.

Later that day, Jason was tagged in a post about a lost brown bunny by an unknown Instagram user. Sadly, Max’s parents, who live in Los Angeles, were looking for the bunny that had been a gift from the little boy’s grandma who had recently passed away, making it all the more important that they find it.

Jason wrote, “I geeked out for a few minutes thinking about the craziness of how the owner of a stuffed bunny I randomly found on a street, was now trying to find me. Excited to have a part in this missing bunny case I immediately contacted the user who had posted the missing sign.”

Shockingly, Jason and Max’s parents were social media’ed together and eventually, Jason was able to walk them through the area where he had taken the photo. Although at first the bunny was not there when Max’s parents checked, they kept searching and by the next day, Jason had been tagged in Max’s adorable celebratory picture.

The moral of the story? Parents, buy at least two of your child’s can’t-sleep-without-it stuffed animal — just in case! And yes, the Internet wins at everything.

Source: Dream Nineteen


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