Credit: Reddit

In documented proof that real men can in fact wear pink, Reddit user jennny55 posted a photo of her dad getting his nails done by her young daughter. The picture shows her little girl gently manicuring grandpa’s nails with pink polish and to be honest, it’s just about the sweetest thing we’ve seen today. “While growing up, my dad never could say no, he still can’t,” she wrote. Aw.

But grandpa, you’d better watch out! Before long, we’re pretty sure this pink-loving little lady will have you dressed from head to toe in pink, just like that Super Bowl Doritos commercial where a daughter convinces her daddy to play dress up, princess-style, in exchange for a bag of chips.

Just goes to show you, some girls learn how to wrap daddy (or grandpa) around their fingers from a very young age!


Source: Reddit 


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