Credit: Amazon

If you’ve ever reluctantly bought your daughter a Barbie or Bratz doll, cringing at the suggestive outfits and impossible body proportions, Lottie is your dream come true. According to the Toronto Star, the new doll by British manufacturer Arklu aims to capture the real proportions of a 9-year-old girl — that means no hourglass figure, no buxom silhouette, no legs for days.

Credit: Amazon

Lottie’s look comes from a collaboration with academics, who tried to capture the look of an average, healthy young girl. The only exaggerations to Lottie’s appearance is an enlarged head and big eyes, making her look more inquisitive than suggestive, which is exactly the point.

Lucie Follett, co-founder of Arklu, says, “Toys are not just toys. When they have overly sexualized bodies they can have damaging impacts on girls’ self image.” Parents seem to agree so far, as about 20,000 Lotties have already sold in Canada!

Lottie dolls of all kinds are available on Amazon.  

Source: Toronto Star

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