This is 40 Actress Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green’s newborn son Noah is a party animal! The little guy was seen in his dad’s arms looking off a hotel balcony at Carnival festivities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Sunday. Click here to see the photo of Noah and Brian at E!Online.

The couple confirmed Megan’s pregnancy last June, just months before Noah’s birth in September. In December, the new mom recalled just how painful childbirth had been. “I was screaming for an epidural when [Brian Austin Green] was driving me to the hospital because my water broke on its own and I was immediately — it was level orange alert pain,” Megan told Access Hollywood.

But like anyone who has ever had a child knows, you soon forget the pain and settle into enjoying your amazing bundle of joy, and Megan’s no different.

“All I wanted to do my whole, whole life was have a baby, and, now, I’ve finally done it. It’s very hard for me to do [professional] stuff, because I feel like this isn’t my job anymore. My job is to be with [Noah],” Megan told Marie Claire UK.

Source: E! Online, Access Hollywood, Marie Claire UK


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