On your wedding day, your lips should be meant for your groom alone, but one newlywed from Cornwall, England, has a good excuse for putting hers on another man: He was in cardiac arrest!

Just-wed Kylie Cox, 24, was dancing with a friend at her reception when he complained of feeling faint.

“I turned round to get him a chair and he collapsed. I rushed over and gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation,” the new bride told The Mirror.

Luckily for this wedding-goer, Kylie and one of her bridesmaids are both nurses, so they rushed him to give him mouth-to-mouth and chest compression until the ambulance arrived.

Alas, the newlyweds did the right thing and ditched the party to go to the hospital, spending their first night as husband and wife by their friend's side.

“The doctors told us it was a miracle he survived,” Kylie said.

The story has a happy ending, and now plans are already in the works for a “repeat reception” for family and friends.

Source: The Mirror


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