Bottom line: If we’re going to bust our butts burning off calories, we’re going to do it in style. We’ve rounded up some of the cutest (and most colorful) sneakers out there, so we always look our best when we’re running — even if it’s just to the grocery store.

Adidas Afzelia Adipure

Credit: Adidas

These pretty-in-pink Women’s Adidas by fashion designer and mother-of-four Stella McCartney have the 3 c’s we look for in a running shoe: Cute, Colorful, and Totally Cool!

Source: Adidas

New Balance 1400

Credit: New Balance

These babies are crazy colorful and ultra-lightweight to make running a little easier on the knees and the eyes! Doesn’t hurt that they cost less than $100,too.

Source: New Balance

Asics Gel-Extreme33

Credit: Asics

We like to stand out when we workout and these definitely do the trick. The pillowy-soft cushioning and hot neon color pump us up mile after mile!

Source: Asics

Nike Free Run+3

Credit: Nike

We might not know the difference between a long run and a marathon, but we can tell you that these stylish shoes are amazical, which in our language means: Must. Buy. Now!

Source: Nike

Reebok Smooth Flex Run

Credit: Reebok

The eye-popping color and peek-a-boo mesh, which is very in this season, makes these sneakers useful and trendy! Now what’s better than that?

Source: Reebok

Saucony Kinvara TR

Credit: Saucony

The company calls these shoes low-profile, but we think they’re anything but. In beautiful, bright green with awesome dark yellow laces, these runners are perfect for those who go to the gym to see and be seen!

Source: Saucony