Imagine that super stern mom voice: “What is it? Dammit, Ashley, what the hell is it?”

This woman just received the most confusing birthday gift she has ever gotten, although it really was self-explanatory. Having just received a framed ultrasound picture with the text “Hi Grandma,” the grandmother-to-be flips. Out.

She claims later on that she knew what it was, and we definitely understand. If we broke the news to our mom that we were pregnant like this, she would probably do the same exact thing! It’s kind of like a form of happy denial. Like, she didn’t want to just assume something, because the let-down would be too much to bear.

We are so incredibly happy for this brand new grandma, and from the looks of the most recent videos from the user’s account, it looks like the baby boy, Brayden, is doing well!

Source: YouTube

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Credit: Tmptresstease/YouTube Photo: Grandma-To-Be Goes Hysterical Over Sonogram Birthday Present