As if being a single mom wasn’t challenging enough, 29-year-old Teri James is now without a job — and she says it’s because she had sex before marriage. The young woman was recently fired from her job at San Diego Christian College, and Teri tells Today it was because, as her termination letter stated, “Teri engaged in activity outside the scope of the Handbook and Community Covenant that does not build up the college’s mission.”

Unfortunately for Teri, she had signed an employee contract that stated that “sexually immoral behavior, including premarital sex, adultery, pornography, and homosexuality” are prohibited. 

To make matters truly uncomfortable, the college has offered Teri’s old job to the man they know had premarital sex with her, a.k.a. Teri’s boyfriend-turned-unwed baby daddy. Yes, you read that  right.

Gloria Allred has taken on Teri’s case and is suing the college for wrongful termination, alleging discrimination based on gender, pregnancy, and marital status. Gloria is using Teri’s own boyfriend as evidence, since the college was aware that he was the one who had fathered the baby when they offered him Teri’s job.

Source: Today

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