When you consider that model/actress Elizabeth Hurley is famous for having a perfectly bikini-ready figure, it makes sense that her focus as a fashion designer would be swimwear. But does her new collection of swimwear for kids cross the line when it comes to age-appropriate beach attire? Hurley’s fashions were created for girls from tots to teenagers, but in a report by Today.com, advocacy groups are speaking out against the revealing two-piece styles, saying they are more strip club than glee club-friendly.

With bikini details like trendy animal prints, ruffled triangle tops, and low-cut bottoms, Hurley calls the line “fun” on her website, but some parents disagree. Kidscape, a child protection charity in the UK, is also speaking out against the swimwear line. Together, they are accusing Hurley’s brand of sexualizing young girls.

In a piece by the Daily Mail, Claude Knight, Director of Kidscape, says that some of the pieces from the line are “disturbing” and “inappropriate.” Knight goes on to say that, “the pieces that are very adult and which contribute to the sexualization of the young girls — especially in the poses portrayed — do not take account of the child protection concerns that have been well-aired.”

But the product descriptions on ElizabethHurley.com seem to indicate that the clothing company took appropriate coverage into consideration. The site describes a pink bikini with a gold hoop closure as “great for girls who want to look grown up — but rest assured they are still well covered.”

After all, girls and women of all ages have been wearing bikinis for decades, so why the sudden sensitivity towards Hurley’s line?  When it comes to parents dressing their kids for the beach, is it a matter of choice, style, or simply good taste? You tell us!

Hurley’s bikinis for kids: A mini-fashion do or don’t?

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