Credit: Instagram/Babies 'R Us

In the world of products for new moms, we’re kind of into this one.

The NüRoo Pocket is a shirt that lets women hold their babies to their bare skin by placing newborns inside the shirt, directly on mom’s chest. Since skin-on-skin contact has been said to have many benefits for babies, including accelerated brain development, decreased stress, and an enhanced immunity, the NüRoo Pocket is worth looking into.

The shirt is exclusively available at Babies ‘R Us for $60 and comes with a supporting belt. Celebrity mom Rosie O’Donnell recently posted a photo of herself wearing her newborn, Dakota, inside her NüRoo Pocket — and for a good reason! For any mom who has ever tried to cook dinner, make a phone call, or take care of another child with a newborn in tow, the NüRoo Pocket sounds like a dual-purpose lifesaver.

So tell us, are you into the NüRoo Pocket, or would you rather not wear your baby around the house?

Source: Babies ‘R UsInstagram

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