We can’t wait for Super Bowl on Sunday — especially the commercial breaks. That’s when we’ll be switching over to Puppy Bowl IX! The seriously cute and cuddly puppy games return at 6 p.m. ET on February 3 on Animal Planet, and this year it’s going to awesome.

This time, 35 frisky pups will play ball in a game that will hit epic proportions as the fuzzy athletes go wet nose to wet nose in the stadium, with Ref Dan Schachner on hand to make any serious calls — like when to pick up the poop. And just when things couldn’t get any more absolutely adorable-r, they do, because we hear there will also be cheerleaders at this game. Hedgehog cheerleaders. Squee! 

Following the big game, all 35 puppy players will be available for adoption. Now that should get some tails wagging! Check out the starting lineup at Animal Planet, and start picking out your favorites now.

Source: Animal Planet, Mnn.com