Credit: Target/Toys R' US

If your little tech prodigy has a few too many grown-up (read: expensive) gadgets on his or her wish list, consider a pint-sized device that’s made with them in mind. Bonus: If you gift one of these to your little one, that means they won’t be endlessly asking to use your tablet. After all, even mommy needs a little Angry Birds time! Here are a few devices to consider.


Credit: Toys R' Us

Toys “R” Us’s Tabeo tablet is a 7-inch, Wi-Fi-enabled gadget designed just for kids. It’s pre-installed with 50 entertainment, gaming, and education apps — Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, iStorybooks, and Operation Math to name a few — and comes with parental controls that let you customize what kind of Internet access you want your kid to have and when.

As for those typical toddler dropsies, each Tabeo is packaged with a lime-green bumper that protects it if it’s dropped from low heights or bumped with other objects. We love the price: For $150, your kid can have his or her own Tabeo, and you’ll be back to watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on yours. (The Tabeo hits Toys “R” Us stores on October 21.)


Credit: Target

Another kid-friendly tablet to consider is the Nabi 2, a 7-inch android device with parental controls, oversized app buttons perfect for little fingers, and loads of content, including movies, music, books, and games. To download additional apps, you’ll tap to App Store 2.0, a curated marketplace that was created just for kids with more than 500 parent-approved apps. As for the price, the Nabi 2 rings in at $200.

Credit: Toys R' Us

And then we have the Meep! tablet from Oregon Scientific. This android gadget also measures in at 7 inches, but features a recessed display and a layer of orange (purple and pink are also available) silicon surrounding the edges to protect it from the occasional child-induced tumble. Along with parental controls, the Meep! comes pre-loaded with apps such as Angry Birds and UNO and lets you set up a rather clever virtual allowance system using Meep! coins so your kid can purchase additional apps. What’s more, the Meep! offers a few fun add-ons, such as a portable piano, drum pad, headphones, and microphone, or a joystick and steering wheel. The price on this device? Expect to spend $150. 


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