Credit: Imgur

We can only imagine the silent conversation behind this “selfie” photo that Reddit user juganaut tried to take:

Woman: Oh, wow! A camel! And I’m looking hot in my tube top — I’ve got to get a picture standing in front of that thing.

Camel: Wait, what is she doing? I haven’t even brushed my hair! I don’t want to be in a picture now. Seriously, she looks good in that tube top, so I’m going to end up looking like the hot mess. Well, since I can’t talk, I know how to f*** up her plan!

From the expression on the woman’s face, her selfie photo fail was the camel’s success! And since she’s posting the photo now, we assume she survived the camel chomp. Score one for animals everywhere who can’t stand to have their pictures taken.

Source: Reddit, Imgur


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