In what has to be the cutest Got Milk? ad ever, former Private Practice star Taye Diggs and his equally adorable 3-year-old son Walker Nathaniel are seen showing off matching gray T-shirts, milk mustaches, and huge smiles.

The secret to Walker’s smile? Well, like most toddlers, Walker needed a little coaxing when it came time to pose for the camera. “We had to constantly make up games and excuses just to keep him occupied. So when it seems like he’s smiling, he’s actually roaring because he wanted to be a tiger,” Taye told People.

Walker and his handsome dad posed for the Got Milk? ad to help promote a healthy breakfast initiative that Taye is involved with called the Share Breakfast movement, which hopes to provide one million breakfasts to kids across the country who might otherwise go without.

“Starting every day with milk and cereal is an important part of my daily routine,” he told “It helps me start the day right with protein and other nutrients and gives me the energy I need to manage my hectic schedule, whether I’m playing with my son or on set,” said Taye.

We can’t help but love that Taye’s passing his generous spirit down to his son — as well as his good looks!

Source:, People