Credit: Whipperberry Photo: Sponge Puff

These sponge puffs by Whipperberry have got to be the most versatile, lightweight, colorful, and totally fun DIY projects we have found yet! We simply cannot get over how many games can be played with these oddballs — from bath time basketball to indoor sponge puff fights (they’re so light that they won’t knock anything over!). The possibilities are endless.

We never thought sponges could look so stinkin’ cute, but Whipperberry adds a few strips of a brightly colored mop (chyea, a mop) with a few strips of a mint-colored drawer liners and presto! The perfect little sponge puff is born. Colors may vary, but the fun is definitely guaranteed.

What other uses can you think of for these adorable puffs?

Source: Whipperberry

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