Credit: LuxyHair/YouTube Photo: 5-Strand Braid

Braiding with three strands is easy, and believe it or not, adding two more strands for a five-strand braid is just as simple! We had to share this great tutorial by LuxyHair that shows you how to tackle this incredible hairstyle.

LuxyHair used hair extensions to make sure she had enough to get a decent effect and avoid the frayed look with multiple layers. She started the braid by gathering her hair to one side and sectioning out five strands of equal size. She then took the four outside strands — two in each hand — and beginning with the strands in her left hand (strands 1 and 2), she crossed 1 over two, and then 1 under 3. Strand 1 then remains in the middle and strand 3 takes its place. The same process will be repeated with the other hand, which holds strands 4 and 5. Strand 5 goes over 4, and under 3. Strand 5 stays in the middle and strand 3 takes its place.

Credit: LuxeHair/YouTube Photo: This 5-Strand Braid Will Totally Change Your Idea of Braiding

To finish her look, LuxeHair then widened her braid using gentle pulling motions and curled the hair that fell out of the braid to make soft waves for a more romantic look.

We are absolutely in love this beautiful woven braid, so we’d love for you to try it out and tell us how you like it!

Source: YouTube

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