Credit: Oregon Zoo

It seems to be baby river otters vs. baby seals here at Wetpaint Moms recently, and this is definitely a huge point for the otters! This new baby river otter from the Oregon Zoo — named Molalla after Oregon’s Molalla River — is in the middle of his first routine checkup when he decides he wants out. He’s super chill and relaxed up until the end when he lets out the world’s most adorable “Eeep!”

We feel for you, little guy — we’re not big on physicals either. Sometimes  we wish we could just scream in the doc’s face and call it a day, but we’d rather take it like a champ than go through the hassle of finding a new office when they throw us out.

Source: Oregon Zoo

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Credit: Oregon Zoo Photo: Baby River Otter 'Eeep!"s in Protest of a Routine Physical