Credit: Growing a Jeweled Rose Photo: Glowing Puffer Paint

Add a whole new dimension to play/craft time with fluorescent or glow in the dark paint. Growing a Jeweled Rose provides a recipe that combines the paint with equal parts shaving cream and glue to create a fantastic hands-on art experience that turns things up a notch.

We remember being afraid of the dark (ahem, and some of us still are), but this project guarantees to put a smile on your little one’s face even after the lights go out. Some paints require a black light to display their glowing properties, but Growing recommends using this Glow in the Dark Paint for a similar effect without buying the black bulb.

An added bonus with this project is the shaving cream and glue mixture, which puffs up when drying to give a cool 3D effect to your child’s colorful creation. 

Source: Growing a Jeweled Rose

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